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53  Madura Sultans, Jalal al-din Ahsan Shah (AH 734-740; 1333-1339 AD), Copper Paika, no date and mint, Obv: Al-sultan al-a’zam, Rev: Ahsan shah al-sultan, 4.42g, 16.92mm, (G&G # MD6). Est Rs 800-1000


 Ma’bar Sultanate (Persian: ????? ??????), known as the Madurai Sultanate,

 was a short lived independent kingdom based in the city of Madurai,

 The sultanate was proclaimed in 1335 when the then viceroy of Madurai,

 Jalaluddin Ahsan Khan declared independence from the Delhi Sultanate.

He fell in battle against the forces of the Vijayanagara Empire led by Kumara Kampana

Going for 1,300.00

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  • Ending Date – 15th Feb 2021 23:40:00

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  5. publish9 bid 1,100.00 on 2021-01-23 10:54:41
  6. bid 800.00 on 2021-01-23 10:52:03
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